Brandberg #2 – first wash

the first wash was a little more difficult – i think I should have use staining blues rather than French Ultramarine – I was keen to have a smooth wash – but I will see how I feel in the morning:


I had to stand on top of a step ladder and hold a camera over the painting to take this.

4 thoughts on “Brandberg #2 – first wash

  1. Oh great, soon your wife will be posting picture of you with crutches and in bed cause you fell off the ladder and broke your legs!

    I like the washes so far. The sky already has texture to it.

    • Yes I was teetering a bit – I really must get a better setup. Yes I used French Ultramarine again because I like the granular texture it creates. After doing the wash I tilted the whole table from all sides which in itself was a mission – that creates more texture. I am starting to use more staining blues to practice getting flat washes. Winsor Newton have so many lekker new colours – but as Bill says – they are all really expensive. I am paying up to R120.00 for a tube of paint smaller than my pinkie finger which is about 7 or 8 beers (the usual economic index).
      I have packed the painting away for now – there is other work to be done. S

      • Funny! I love your economic index. It’s very similar to Matt’s. I was looking at some winsor newton tubes of watercolor last week and COULD NOT BELIEVE how expensive they were. And you’re right! They were tiny!

      • I sat with my friend Andrew who is going to help me make screens for the exhibition. He found where I can get timber for almost a third of the price of what I was going to buy. When we did the calculation he said “that would keep me pissed for a week!” Try put that on a spreadsheet!!
        I still use the W&N because they are richer colours – the cheaper colours contain more fillers and the pigments are less finely ground apparently.

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