some good news

I have just had a wild evening – heh heh – I remember once doing the Comrades Marathon from Durban to Pietermaritzburg.  I called an old friend of mine, who was a party animal and asked if she wanted to join me at the pre-race “carbo-loading” party – sponsored by Nike.  “Oo yes” she said “I feel like going to a party”.  So we picked her up and it was all these guys eating pasta and talking about shoes and time splits.  Well it was a short evening.

My wild evening tonight has been spent preparing my next Brandberg painting.  “And why” I hear you ask “are you doing another one?”  Why thank you for asking.


I have been given an opportunity to hold an exhibition in the info-centre of our local nature reserve.  Which I think is quite fun.  And I think two large Brandberg paintings would make a great centre piece.  So – there you are.

AAAnd more news

I have bought two brushes I would like to use to replace my horse-hair travelling brush which sheds hair on each stroke.  These are goats-hair brushes.  I was trying them out on some old paper – they are quite soft – not as stiff as my sable brushes – but they seem OK.


And, while I am on a roll, here is a visitor that I am still trying to get used to.


It is a lizard-eating spider – though the locals call them rain spiders because they come indoors when it rains – this is a male and they get rather aggressive though they are not poisonous.  A while ago I picked up the hose in the dark outside my studio and my grabbed one.

10 thoughts on “some good news

  1. Hey, Stephen, what great news!I think two paintings of the same place are a great idea. Then if there are two people who want one there won’t be any argueing going on. Ha! New brushes look like fun and the figures you have them laying on are very nice. That spider needs to go outside.

    • I am blogging away with the painting lying next to me calling – time to get going.
      thanks for the feedback.
      yep – I used to take them down the road but there are so many I want to try to live alongside – till the next time one walks across my windscreen while I am driving – heh heh
      I hope you are having a painting weekend.

  2. Much slapping on the back Stephen – you’ve truly ‘arrived’ when you have your very own exhibition and I hope it brings you the success you deserve – lots of money!!! Forget the brushes, the figure and face look fantastic. I’ll bet nobody clicks on the spider picture to enlarge it. 😆

    • no man these are creepy things – but quite harmless – I have tried to conquer my fear by picking them up but have not succeeded – yet.
      Thanks hey June – I will do what I have to do and lets see how the exhibition goes. The opening is a couple of nights before the first of the evening concerts they hold in the nature reserve and there promises to be an article in the local news so…
      thanks for your support.

  3. A number of comments:
    1. YAY! and CONGRATULATIONS on your show! You deserve it. I predict it will be a hugely successful hit and everyone will be buying your paintings.
    2. I wish I could be there. Make sure to take photos!
    3. You were TESTING your brushes and came up with those figures? I hate you!
    4. OMG! I would have to move if I saw a spider like that. I am so creeped out I can’t even scroll back up the page.

    • Hey C – yep it is very exciting – I will try to capture the event.
      you know about point three – I always paint more freely when I have not invested a lot in the drawing. There is a lesson – if the drawing was easier the painting would be free-er – So we should be doing much much more drawing. But you have just been on a drawing class so I am coming to see.
      That spider! Yesterday I took a bungy strap out of the fork of the tree near the car and as I was sorting it out one of those spiders ran out onto my hand. I tried to pick it up to put it in the garden because the dogs chew them – but it creeped me out too much and I ended up throwing into the bushes. heh heh

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