interlude at the slowfood market

this morning we went to the slow-food market in Stellenbosch and I found corner to sit and sketch.




17 thoughts on “interlude at the slowfood market

    • Slow food is the opposite of fast food – there are websites about this though I have not read lately. It is a weekly gathering of people selling good food to the Stellenbosch locals and others who come in. It was just so laid back. The guy in the sketch was sitting on the step drinking beer and chatting with his mate. He had such beautiful features. The woman was strong and lean with chiselled features. Yunus, who came to sit next to me said she must be a horse-person. They let me sketch away without being ratty which I appreciated.

  1. My first reaction when I read “slow food market” was of a grocery store where the cashiers aren’t paying attention, take a million years to check out the person in front of you when you only have two items and then the person in front of you has to search for money. I like your version better.

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