Helderberg mountain

in the spirit of posting what I do no matter what I feel about it here is my painting from Helderberg reserve.  this is a small wilderness area on the edge of our town that is very special.  when I drive in I feel stress melting away.  today I went to the nursery there to buy plants for our garden and took some time to sit at the dam and paint the mountain.  my water technique definitely needs work but here it is.



8 thoughts on “Helderberg mountain

  1. It is amazing to see how you paint Everywhere! I should try that. You asked me somewhere about the flowers. We went to Postberg a while back, but probably the wrong day and saw almost no flowers. Next year we should organize an art trip and do some painting there?

    • Hey Cecily – that is such a good idea – with the weather being so variable at this time of the year you can either have a still hot day with all the flowers out or a windy rainy day. And by the time the weather settles the flowers are gone – such is life. Have you see Isabelle’s posts about her painting trips? That would be a fun thing. I am hoping to go up to Garies in the next two weeks for a day or so. There are some beautiful farms up in the mountains just east of Garies that would be great for a trip. Or even those hikes you can do in Posberg – cool idea!!!

      I must do this view again soon – I found a painting of my first teacher Nicholas. I was sukkeling with a painting of the Olifants river from the bridge on the way to Algeria and he banged off a little painting of the same scene that has all the answers. I subsequently used the same painting for brush exercises and spoilt it – but that is a whole other story – but I am looking at it and want to do the pond in Helderberg again. I also spoke to the ladies in the environmental center there about an exhibition – just a thought.

  2. I agree with butterflyhands! It’s amazing how you can paint anywhere you go. The mountain looks great and I like the brush work in the foreground. I also like how you faded out the mountain in the back.

    • Hey CK – yeah – it was very nice sitting on a bench in the sun – even though I was a bit pressed for time and got a “where are you we are waiting for the plants” call. mmmm – its OK hey? I will try again.

  3. This may have been a quick painting but you still managed to show what a special place this is. The branches of the bush on the bottom left corner are great brush lines. I love the idea of painting outside in the open air but it makes me cringe if people peer over my shoulder.

    • Thanks June – I am so keen to go up there again and give it another go. Quite a few people came past as I painted but they either ignored me or were friendly and complementary – so for me it is just another way to be part of the world – just another thread in life’s rich tapestry – just another person on the journey. Though I must say at first it was a bit nervy sitting down at it – and I have produced some really awful paintings I still need to put some of those up here – but also some work that I still find thrilling. I also saw this as part of my own development – mmm – lots of material for reflection here – thanks hey

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