The Pipe – ta daa

Following Isabelle’s question about why it is called the pipe – I went up to the end of the beach tonight while Ethan was surfing and did this painting of “The Pipe”.  There was a Northerly wind blowing sand into everything again and now my table feels all crunchy.



14 thoughts on “The Pipe – ta daa

  1. Thanks for the illustration, Stephen. Nice job on your perspective, but just the fact that you illustrated an answer to a question is so cool. I’m still chuckling because you are the first artist whose rendition of a sewage pipe, I’ve viewed.

    • Hey Leslie – mmm I suppose this is not a common subject – but they say anything can make a good painting. heh heh Actually there was a lot going on in the fence and there are always gulls sitting there – would make an interesting study.

  2. Hmmm, How dumb am I? Is it really called The Pipe because of a sewage pipe? If so, all I can say is Ewwwwww! But am not saying Ewwwww to this cool painting. Love the perspective. Is that barbed wire in the foreground? Interesting perspective.

    Thanks Isabelle, for asking the question I’ve always wanted to ask but never did.

    • No you are right – it is not great – but what can you do? I once saw a documentary on sewerage processing where the manager of the site drank the water coming out of the plant – well he made like he was.

      Yes that is barbed wire – there is a high security area on the other side in what used to be an explosives factory but is now being developed – I just used a dry brush for all the diamond mesh that is also there – quite a tricky subject I thought.

  3. Heh! I also like the way you dash off this picture simply to satisfy our curiosity, as Leslie said and I’ve never seen a painting of a pipe either – but weirdly this makes a fantastic picture.

    • Thanks June – It is really quite beautiful down that side of the beach – I would like to go there again. The fence posts are made of railway track so they also have lots of character – though lots of detail too.

  4. ” A picture is worth a thousand words “. I guess you took this saying literally, and I must thank you for it answers perfectly. I REALLY know now. Way to go on the perspective and the colors of the waves!!!
    I can help it though: only a man would think of painting a PIPE !!! 🙂

  5. Great painting! I like it when the subject matter comes away from the ordinary and expresses something about the things that make our lives work, in this case, almost without our knowing it. Great job on the razor wire.

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