yesterday – in the saddle again

The last two weeks have been a time of extreme highs and lows and painting just fell off the agenda.  But last night I went to the pipe where there was a chilly wind blowing and rough sea.  Calvin and his friends went out but I sat and painted the path going through the dunes to the sea.   A different view of the poles.  The wind filled my pallette and eyes with sand but it was great to be down there.


Later that evening I made a fire in the stove and waited for Mia the fat porker to come an lie down and had another go at that scene.  I was a bit distracted but it went OK I think.


Some real steps forward I think.  I may fill in some more colour in the top of the painting.  She shuffles around a lot.  And Ethan came and pulled some ticks off her which didnt help.   The stove is a much better shape and I like what happened behind the open door and I got the potjie quite well – I must think through the shadows a little.

So – there we are – back in the saddle…

8 thoughts on “yesterday – in the saddle again

  1. Yeah…..I missed you. My favorite is Mia and the stove but they are both wonderful. Your stove is so cool. Takes me back to pictures you see in the old days.The colors in the stove are right on. You captured Mia so well. I admire your dry brush strokes that fade out. Great post, thanks.

  2. Progress? Definitely! They’re both very accomplished and Mia’s tummy is rather extended, aaw! 🙂

    I’m really beginning to appreciate why it’s such good practise to do several studies of the same subject. Each time the brain registers something new about how to depict a part of it – making it eventually possible to produce a picture bringing all those learned elements together for a completed painting. This I learned from you and, although I’m not putting much up, I’m re-doing some images and actually enjoying the process instead of getting frustrated.

    Here’s to more of the ‘highs’.

    • Hi June – I think part of the learning is to enjoy the frustration – (mmm – mental note – apply this to your other world) – you are right – yesterday sitting on the beach I tried to capture all the detail on the mountains – much much more than I have seen before – massive patches of colour and all the ravines and krantzes. Phew! too much! lots of frustration. But so sweet. I have learnt a lot from this process of redoing – and that is what Monet did wasn’t it? Waterlilies till they came out of his ears. heh heh

      Mia is so fat that when she lies like this her legs just kind of stick out – almost like a bull terrier or staffie – she is ALWAYS eating

      yes – the highs – lets get going

  3. hey, glad you’re back. I like the picture of the pipe. It looks like you used slightly different colors in your palette. The greens look different than normal. More blue-ish I think. But it’s another great painting of the pipe. I just love how you handle the water and the white caps.
    I’m so glad you did another painting of the stove and Mia! This one is great. Now we can finally see Mia!

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