tonight’s watercolour at the pipe

It was another lovely warm evening and I sat at the pipe while Ethan had a surf.  Here is what I did – mmm – OK but…



12 thoughts on “tonight’s watercolour at the pipe

    • Hi Caio – this is a special bit of feedback – sorry I took so long to reply – my original reply got lost – sometimes I hit the key for a new page before the reply has finished loading then it is gone

      Cheers hey


    • Thanks hey – yes this was fun – I saw the shadows for the first time – maybe because the last time I painted there I looked at what I had done and wondered “why no shadows?”
      I gave myself lots of time and got a bit lost in the mountains – I want to develop a technique for all the detail.
      It feels so very good to sit and paint – my work is to find a balance – it just feels so good.

  1. The composition in this is superb. The repetition in the posts and shadows they cast lead my eye right around the bend to the mountains. It’s as if the land hugs the water. I also like the balance of warm and cool colors you got to this. Thanks for the treat!

    • Hey Bill – I have instituted a process of regularly vacuuming my study – the marker is when my mouse feels crunchy under-? what – foot I suppose. heh heh – nice to see you here

  2. It’s good to see the extra detail. The sand looks invitingly wet – the clouds are superb and I like the moody, shady sea water in front of the mountains. Sorry, couldn’t find any ‘blah’ on this one.

  3. Hi June – thanks hey – I am in KZN right now with a big meeting and a big goodbye tomorrow – well if there is no blah – this is a step forward – S

    • Hey Cecily – Wednesday – tomorrow I am back – yes it is Spring – have you been out to the flowers yet? It sounds like it is raining down there. Cheers hey S

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