watercolour at the pipe

The sea was quite rough tonight so I decided to sit and paint instead of surfing.  I was keen to have another go at the poles.  It started OK but the light changed radically half way through.  Also I had a long chat with a friend in the middle which was actually quite lekker but I lost track of where I was going a little.  Anyway the mountains started light and I glazed over them with a darker wash.  Two guys came to look at the waves while I was there.  I managed to sketch one of them who was wearing baggies over a tracksuit and a hoody – then they walked off so I left the other guy off.  Here it is:

Another one of those curate’s egg paintings I think.  I sometimes wonder why the curate’s egg should have been good in parts.  Anycase.  The storm we have just had was pushing the waves up almost to the poles which is what the dark patch is about and I showed some of the buildings in the background.


4 thoughts on “watercolour at the pipe

  1. This scene is much improved with the post details in the foreground and you’ve really captured their sea-bleached appearance – who’d have guessed that you’d have to use such a variety of colours?. You sure do live in a beautiful part of the world.

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