last night’s watercolour at the pipe

I spent time on Saturday and Sunday tidying out my studio which was looking like those scenes in movies where someone has searched ransacked someone else’s place to look for something.  I added more shelves to the unit in the corner so that I could manage my stuff better.  Check them out:


That is Mia and Sprocket who come and join me when they are shut out of the house – especially when it is cold.  While I am there I might as well show the rest of the space.  Here is my studio – looking neater than usual:


My table is behind the sheets I have bought to make a portfolio for the bigger watercolours I paint.  I put my pallette and water bottle on the tea trolley when I paint.  As you can see I have not started on my next big painting.  Don’t you love the rocks.  Our house used to be the stables on a farm in the Lourens river valley.  When they developed around us they dug up all these beautiful river boulders which I collected in a wheelbarrow (that has since been retired to become our braai (barbeque).   And I made pathways all over the place which are quite beautiful but not all that practical – such is the life of the dreamer.  One day I will show you my rock wall.  Oh yes.  While I was cleaning up I came across a number of old paintings which I hoped would give me a sense of growth.  I will show them here for comment.

After all my labours I took the boys for a surf yesterday.  It was OK but I got out to do a watercolour.  I wanted to focus on the poles but ran out of time.  I decided to try to finish it here in the studio.  Not sure if that works for me.  But here it is:



12 thoughts on “last night’s watercolour at the pipe

  1. I love those river boulders.
    Your shelving looks quite practical now that you’ve added a few more shelves.
    I like the focus in this painting. It’s more dynamic than the first one because of it, I’d say. I’d like to see you develop the foreground on this one.

    • Thanks K – yes I would like to spend more time here develop the foreground as you say. It is quite a busy thoroughfare with lots of footprints in the sand, each with a cerulean blue shadow. I will need to find a way to simplify this. A worthy project indeed. Cheers hey

  2. Hey Stephen, Love the pictures of your studio. Thanks for sharing. Mia and Sprocket are adorable. I remember Mia from that fantastic painting you did of your son sleeping when he was sick and Mia was sleeping on the bottom of the bed. (I love that painting!)

    When I saw this Pipe painting my first reaction was, again,I know that scene, but since you focused on the poles I felt like my eyes had to refocus! I love the colors you used on the poles. Interesting and different perspective on a familiar subject. Still looking forward to seeing all your Pipe paintings together. Ok. It’s 7:30 am and I’m late for work on “Moan-Day”

    • Hi thanks Carol – I am keen to sit there again soon to do a more careful painting. I am almost on first-name terms with those poles – (o:
      It is nice having the dogs around. Sometimes when I work late Mia comes and sleeps in the corner while I work.

  3. What a wonderful post. Now, I know where you are working as you talk about stretching paper and all. Love the dogs. I have a russel, also. Your painting? Very cool.It’s like you have given us an “up close and personal” on this spot in your world and you are slowly bringing everything into focus.

    • Hey Leslie – today I have felt quite unburdened with all the tidying I did. So that is my place. The stretching board also fits snugly on top of the tea trolley so I and rotate it easily – I guess others might have designed it that way but it was fortuitous – (o:
      is your jack russel also naughty – ours are not very smart – I have seen some who do quite phenomenal things. but not ours. Sprocket got used to walking on the pool with the shade netting cover in winter – then when summer came he just walked across it again – only this time he almost drowned – I thought dogs could swim – but evidently not this one – He swam into a farm dam when the kids threw a stick for him but then panicked and sank – my son had to wade in and find him – at least he did not have to give him mouth to mouth (yuck)

  4. Love the beach scene with the poles in focus. The waves are calling me.

    Been thinking about what I’d ideally like in a work area of my own (planning to move house next year) scratching my head over where to safely store my work so that it was easily accessible and protected at the same time. Now I know I need a shelving unit like yours…with cute dogs to guard them against thieves.

    • Hey June – I sweated over shelving until I found these units made by MakRak or someone. the uprights have regularly spaced holes and the shelves come in a few standard sizes – these are 630 x 920 mm which just happened to be just right for watercolour paper. They have been ideal. I am sure there is something similar there. Maybe not something for a plush lounge but as you can see, plush my studio is not (I enjoy working under hanging bicycles). My phone is perched in the bookshelf behind me and I sometimes have to look for it when it rings.
      The dogs are great company and are very protective.
      Are you considering moving to the sea? I have seen some beautiful paintings of harbour towns over there. Though I guess it also has to fit in with work and things.

      • If you were responsible for hanging the bikes there, then you can decide if you feel safe working under them. I could get similar shelves at Ikea – but first need a larger house and garden away from a town centre as there’s hardly room to swing a cat, let alone 2 guard dogs. The seaside move is only possible once the teen has flown the nest.

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