tonight's watercolor at the pipe break in Strand

I had a little more time to paint this evening as I did not surf.  It was a still evening with a heavy, mute sky.  But the light on the mountains changed each time I looked up.   I spent time sketching the design in pencil.  Then I started with the sky, then the beach, the mountains, the sea finishing with the poles and plants in the foreground.  At the end of it all I had time to do some calligraphy in the mountains.  So here we are:


There is so much detail in those mountains.  There’s detail in them thar mtns!!

Next time I will put a band of cool colour between the line of posts and the foreground dune and vegetation – just a sliver.

And then I looked up the sky had gone wild with textured colour, great sweeping strokes of pearly grey over a cerulean blue wash.  A yellow glaze just above the horizon, mauve mountains and a light turquoise sea.  Now there is something to aim for.


14 thoughts on “tonight's watercolor at the pipe break in Strand

  1. Hi SQ. I really like this painting. I like the colors, the details, but it’s not too detailed.

    One of the really interesting thing about your paintings is that you paint the same subject often. I’m starting to recognize this scene. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could put up all your same subject paintings together so your fan club can look at all of them at once. You may have to start ANOTHER wordpress page! LOL

    • Hi CK – that is a nice idea I think. This will also give a log of my journey as a watercolourist. I am working on a story of my last Cedarberg paintings on page which I want to put on my blog as a little story and I would like to do a gallery of Pipe paintings as well. I It is heartening to know that you guys recognise the site. SQ

  2. Oh, and I love the way the water is hitting the sand. You can see the waves, but it’s loose enough that it makes the eye fill in the details. I have to learn how you do this. Get that damn camcorder already!

  3. Stephen, I know this place! You captured that heavy mute sky perfectly! The painting does look still, also. I like what you did with the posts in the foreground and the shapes of the mountains are very interesting. I think it was this scene in a previous painting that I was drawn to the waves and the water. This one tells me more about that place. Great job!

    • Thanks hey Leslie – I am down there quite a lot and am getting to know the people who come and go which adds to the richness of the experience. I will make up a gallery of pipe paintings – some time. I enjoyed lingering on each part of the painting and putting in some more detail than normal.

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