surf competition at the Pipe

There was a surf competition at the Pipe Break today which is always a fun collection of people colours and interesting music.   I did a watercolour from my usual spot when I got down:


This was quite far from the action so I did another from the other side of the camp.  It was just so good to sit quietly in the sun working on the details and chatting with people as they came up now and again to see what I was doing.  It is quite hard to paint figures like this so I sketched out the basic painting and then focussed on groups as they formed and hung around.  So I put in the details first and then when I had enough people I put in the tent colours, the sea , the beach, mountains and sky.  Nice and back to front.



8 thoughts on “surf competition at the Pipe

  1. Hey Stephen. I love these!, especially the second one because I can see the pencil lines of all the little people. I really like viewing watercolors where I can see the structure of the artist’s work. Interesting, story-like, and colorful! Great work!

  2. mmm thanks – you see the guy in the foregorund – he maintained a single pose while I did the rest of the painting and then when I decided to include him he started fidgeting. He was also an artist (he came to chat for a while) – S

  3. Hi there,
    Great work! So stoked that you captured this day..
    We spoke on the beach, after the comp. Could you please mail me your contact details.
    Phil Nel

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