tonight’s watercolour at the Pipe Break in Strand

I got a bit pummelled in the waves tonight though it was good to be out again.   I came in and changed.  Ater a short chat with a friend I shot down to the ‘spot’ to do a watercolour.  It was a grey, cold, windy evening.   As I sat down to paint my son came out of the water and made the first impatient noises.  So I had to move fast.  I did a sketch in pencil – ah yes – I found an 8b at Cathy’s shop in Observatory (where I bought two new 1 metre sheets off the roll).   Then I painted.  Here it is:


The painting is on Arches 300gm rough watercolour paper and is 11 x 15 inches.

I would love to have had time to do one more.  I felt like I could begin to manage the back-runs a bit more.  the make the painting look loose and easy but I would like to contain the washes between dry areas just a little more than I do.  There was a big blot at the end of the mountains that I blotted out with my sleeve cause it was getting a bit our of hand.  This could also have been because I  used saturated washes in the sea.


11 thoughts on “tonight’s watercolour at the Pipe Break in Strand

  1. Ooohh! Lovely moody skies beautifully painted! It’s really interesting to see a familiar view with a variety of weather conditions. I was only ever in S.A. during the hot weather so the snow and cold you’ve been portraying is new to me.

    Having caught up with your recent paintings and been thoroughly entertained by your original tales and unusual take on things (enjoyed the DIY nick-name) I envy your energy and ability to ‘flow’ even when you say that your energy is low. You’re an inspiration for sure.

    • Hi June – nice to see you – thanks for all this – round about soon I start looking forward to the heat again. My studio (garage conversion) is icy in winter (well for me it is). I have just sketched out a new painting on my big board. The stretching did not work so well this time and I have some suspicions why which I will write up too. I hope to do some work tomorrow on it. I have to say that I also get energy and a smile from your comments here so it is good to hear from you again. S

  2. Painting like this is surely going to pay off. It’s like what I referred to when I take time to do quick gesture drawings of things. Knowing how quickly you rendered this causes me to be in awe of your skill.

  3. You blotted it out with your sleeve? Have you been hanging around with Bill Jones? He’s always getting paint on his clothes!

    You’ve certainly captured a cold grey windy evening. That sky is making me go brrrrrr! Another beauty. You’re pissing me off.

    • This online community is a lot of fun. When I blotted the paint I thought of Bill – and I reckoned it was just watercolour so… did you read the silly story in one of his comments about the guy who was asked to paint someone in the nude and he said OK as long as I can wear my socks on to wipe the paint on. That also came to mind. We have a brilliant sunny day today. gotta get out there.

      • I was always getting that remark when I was at art college – ah the old ones are usually the best ones.
        Heh heh – No point in bringing them back – cause they never really gone

  4. I can’t adjust my thinking to getting in the water and out if it is cold. Sounds like some good family outings however. A nice memory for you in watercolor.

    • Hey Bill – I have a warm wetsuit which helps and the water really cleans out the cobwebs. And it is about memories too. I probably would do less of this without a son who needs the lift down to the beach, so I am grateful to slipstream him here.

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