more drawings in church

This weekend has not been very productive on the watercolour front – I had a workshop to facilitate yesterday – and there were other things in the way.  I started a new painting last night and another new one this afternoon but they are not ready to show yet.  I did not take very good photos in the Cedarberg so have to work from a few photos to compose each painting.  Anyway…


I had a chance to do some sketches in church during anouncement time and, I admit, during the preaching.  But I have notes of the key points on which to reflect.  This morning I was drawn to a father with his active child on his lap and then his wife and then the people sitting in front of them.  Then later I drew the old couple sitting behind them, who sat really still.

Then this evening I drew this chap who sat at my table, during the announcements:


Later I drew this chap with some of the people sitting around him:


Leslie mentioned that her little dog adopted a few standard positions so she could follow her around to complete a composite of the dog in different positions.  I started two different positions but the chap eventually spent most of his time in the one I completed.  As I drew I also thought of Bill’s economy of line which is a skill I would like to develop.


13 thoughts on “more drawings in church

    • Thanks Bill – I must say I am exercised by the idea of abusing the time – but I am careful not to distract people. They are so beautiful and the pull is so strong.

    • mmmm K – I must think carefully about this. Yes I listen and I make notes on which I reflect through the week. I read a book by Richard Restak, who is a brain surgeon, who said that we process different inputs in different areas of the brain, which is why it is possible to listen to music while we write a document. I think the same applies. I love being with the people, singing and praying and I love hearing the passages explained. The drawings also create links. Last night’s drawings were of two of the Zimbabweans who joined our church after the unrest last year when the South Africans in the townships burnt their homes and hounded them out of the area. We had many of them sleeping in our church for a while. The chap sitting with his hand on his cheek is called Planks and asked for the drawing, which I promised to give him once I had scanned it and put in up here. So …

    • Ai – we are working through the story in Matthew 25 about the talents. I am convicted that this is a talent I need to develop and use which has released me to go out and paint. I would suspect that your persistence and the work I have seen you create points to a real talent that you have in painting that you are un-earthing and dusting off – and I find that exciting. The fact that you have a blog for this tells a lot in itself. Your supportive comments are valuable to me.

  1. As nice as allways! If you perhaps come in the Bellvill area. There is an exhibition on at the Bellvill library gallery. This lady drew faces in charcoal and pastels, 2 x 1.5 metres! I was wondering where you get paper that big! Really striking when you see it.

    • Hi Cecily – thanks hey – yes I will definitely go and look for that – my work takes me into Durbanville quite often. thanks for letting me know about this. I have found an art shop in Obs where I buy Arches off a roll. I bet they have other paper on a roll if you are keen to go big.

  2. Your congregation at the church sounds so very nice. I liked your comment about helping the people who had been forced out of their area. Christianity, it seems to me, is about helping people and the fact that your congregation took these people in and cared for them is simply wonderful.

    • Hi K – Yes we have some good people – though of course we have the usual ups and downs. It is heartening sometimes to see how God uses ordinary sometimes silly people to make a difference. That was a very bad time in our country and many of the churches took in people until the government set up refugee camps. It was good to be able to help like this and brought our community together.

  3. I would draw in church, coffee shops, subways, libraries etc, etc,etc. I have always viewed drawing as the exercise of the eye and the bones of a painting. I love these for just what they are. I think God doesn’t mind if we draw in church. It’s our own inhibitions about what someone might think of us if we draw in church.

    • I agree with all of what you say – there is always a risk that someone will overreact to being the ‘model’ (it happened to me last week) but this is all part of life’s rich tapestry and freedom of line is such a compelling goal (did you see Bill’s sketch of his Grandma?)

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