another version of a night in spout cave

mmmm – This is still not what I want.  Painting a glow in water colour is not that easy.  But a step further away is also a step closer so  here it is and I am going to sleep on it.


The route in is a bit obvious and the middle ground rock is still monolithic – I must try this again.

10 thoughts on “another version of a night in spout cave

  1. I like this. I like what you have in the foreground for the snow with the pinks and blues. I like that obvious route into the cave. This is so believable and it’s good.

    • Hi Leslie – thanks I am happy with this. I have both of them taped up in my studio and there is definitely something good happening. I think I am getting the feel for the techniques required to make this all work. Watercolour really is a voyage of discovery isn’t it.

      • Its exciting hey? Learning in the area of our passions is such a rich experience. I could not imagine (for me) having the same conversation about accounting (for instance). Though I am deeply thankful that there are people who do these other activities who contribute to the general running of things. Phew!

  2. Your painting is beautiful. And your words:

    “But a step further away is also a step closer ”

    are brilliant. Wow! I’m putting those in my pocket and taking them with me on my journey.

    Thank You! 🙂

    • Hey thanks Forrester – mistakes and reflection are the warp and weft of learning I think (heh heh – “Life’s rich tapestry”) – and that has been a great encouragement to me (who has made many many mistakes). Someone I read in my other world (Alan Weiss) says we should be able to say “Two weeks ago I was really stupid” – which I quite like.
      I like that you have something from me in your travel-kit.

  3. I don’t know what you don’t like about it. It’s fabulous – loose and directed at the same time, full of light and motion, great perspective leading you in.
    I suggest that you put it away for a week and look at it again. Don’t touch this one!!! It’s beautiful.

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