sunset at the pipe

This evening I had a quick surf at the pipe while Calvin coached at the Son Surf school.   When I got out I had a short time so I grabbed my stuff and rushed down to the dune.  As I got my stuff out the school came up a Calvin said he was cold and did not want to hang around.  So I had about 10 minutes.  The eveving was magnificent with beautiful blues in the water and golden sunshine.  There was also a rain sweeping across the bay.  So I stuck a sheet on and took out my squirrel hair mop and did this watercolour:


There were two people sitting looking at the sunset in front of me at the beach but I decided not to put them in the painting.  They got up to leave as I was packing and I saw that it looked like a mother and daughter.  And I thought they needed a reminder of the evening.  So I signed the painting, wrote my blog address on the back and gave it to them.

8 thoughts on “sunset at the pipe

  1. You are a master of quick. You know it’s paying off when you have time to sit down and work because I can see it in your washes. What a nice thing to do, giving the ladies your sketch.

    • Hi Leslie – it was quite fun to give away – I used a No 12 round sable for the painting and it almost just flowed. I would love to have done one more but time was out. Thanks for your comments. S

  2. It was a special gift to the ladies! I can just hear them tellng their family: “…there was this artist… and then he gave us the picture…” I am sure it’s framed and hanging on their wall. Special memories for them. Maybe it was a special day for them and now they have something to remind them of it! We can write a novel about this! : )

    • mmm – there’s a thought – It really was such a beautiful evening – I want to paint a watercolour using my new found “glow skills” to try to show the golden sunset. The ladies, it turns out are family of someone I sometimes see on the water and he came over and said they were very keen on the gift. I like that.

    • Hi K – thanks hey – see how the sea colour bled up into the sky – not ideal but it works OK hey? That is Cape Point – on the far left of the painting. We can see it on the horizon from the pipe and I know I am staying in the water too long when I see the Cape Point light blinking. Something like a dinner gong for the dark shadows heh heh – S

  3. We are the lucky ladies who you gave the lovely picture to. It was a wonderful sunset – my daughter is visiting from the uk and it was very special that you gave us a lovely reminder of the evening…thank you very much!

    • Auriel – hey nice to see you here – well it is a great pleasure – I hope you have a good time with your daughter – See you at The Pipe – Stephen

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