devils peak

Last night I started another view up the shale band but could not finish this morning as we all went off to Cape Town to support Calvin in a hockey tournament.  I had a chance to do a quick watercolour of Devils Peak from the grounds before the game started.  This is another place to which I would like to return.


We had a chance to grab a bite before he had his next game at Hartleyvale, down the road.  I had a chance to paint the same mountain again from a field near where he was going to play.

This peak is called ‘Devil’s Peak’ because of the mist that sometimes covers the mountain.  There is a story of a Dutch fellow called Van Hunks who used to sit on the slopes and smoke a pipe.  One day as he was puffing a particularly fine cloud of smoke the devil appeared and challenged him to a smoking contest.  Van Hunks took up the challenge and beat the devil which is a fine achievement except for the fact that he was never seen again.  The ‘ou mense’ (old people) used to say ‘it is Van Hunks again’ when the mountain was covered in cloud.


These were quite fun though my energy is still on ‘low’ for some reason.


6 thoughts on “devils peak

  1. Yes, the painting is quick but you have somehow caught the feeling of the Peak; it was wonderful to be reminded of the stories that go with the names!

  2. Hello!

    These are gorgeous! I’ve been staring at the first four, will come back to look at the others. Your homeland and the way you capture it is amazing. I love the story about Van Hunt! Thanks for throwing that in.

    When I clicked the first one, it did come out much larger than my screen, but there was something fun in that, as I had to click the arrow to pan it, the illusion of ‘being there’ and scanning the horizon with my own eyes occurred. Interactive art!

    Thank You for the beauty! 🙂

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