ho hum watercolours from the studio

Well here is the latest from the studio of desultory and pedestrian painting – I can see how I will work next time though:


The idea really was to collect data in the field and work up great paintings in the studio – mmmm – I will give this another go


8 thoughts on “ho hum watercolours from the studio

  1. Why would you call this desultory? Is it that part of the creation for you is being “in it”? I have pretty much gathered that. The composition in this is excellent. It is enhanced from the times you have been there. There is a better sense of pattern and the placement of darks is strong enough to pass on the depth of this landscape to the viewer. I love the small little areas you left on the mountaintops. I like the texture in the grasses and the clumps of foliage or rocks to the left. Because of your use of value differences and texture differences you have passed on a sense of vastness and having been there. This is, by far, my most favorite so far. Your hard work in the field has payed off emmensely!

    • thanks Leslie – I think I am just a bit tired – there are definitely good parts to this – I will sleep on it. The foreground grasses were unplanned and I got over-critical about them but there are things there I can use. And you are right – as I painted it just felt like I wasn’t ‘there’. But I was able to focus far more on the little details that I like – I like the end of the shale-band as it goes around the bend for instance. I am not sure why this is such a big deal.

  2. I think the grasses are fine the way you have them because they are very strong, compositionally. They point the viewer into the area where you want him to go. That line of dark green, midway helps with depth and doesn’t stop the viewer from wandering into the open space that will allow him to take in the mountains. This is marketable and would be a great cover for your book, inviting the viewer to open it and travel with you. I want to walk right down that warm strip.

    • Hi Leslie – this is great feedback – things I would not have noted myself – thanks hey
      mmm – the book – I have not forgotten the book – by the way I found Lucy Willis book in our local bookshop – she shows her travels and some paintings similar to what she has on her site. this is all quite inspiring.

  3. The Studio of Desultory and Pedestrian Painting? THAT’S THE NAME OF MY STUDIO.

    You crazy boy! What you call a “pedestrian” painting is better than anything I’ve managed to come up with. I love the scene and recognized it instantly from the one you did when you were sleeping with the mice.

    The other one seems a bit crisper, but this one has a great flowing feeling to it. I was taken in and brought all the way to the other end of the mountain ridge. I like the grasses. It’s a little softer than the other one, but soft is good.

    Ho Hum, desultory and pedestrian? I don’t think so!

    • Hey Carol – (o: – ai – thanks hey – desultory is how it felt to paint although I decided to push on anyway – I felt a bit better about the one I am completing now even though this also felt a little uninspired. But the feedback you have given me is encouraging – Here we go…

  4. This is really nice!

    I used to do a lot of watercolour painting in school but never really found time while at University. I moved on to photography though so I’m still in the art scene šŸ™‚

    • Hi Wayne – welcome – nice to see you here – I did my first watercolour while I was at university but was so disheartened that it was another few years before I tried again. I like your sense of composition in your photos – S

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