another evening watercolour at the pipe and a story

Tonight I took the boys down for a surf.   I chose not to go in and decided to sit and paint where I sat the last time.  It was a beautiful sunny still afternoon.  I sketched the mountains and began to paint but soon got into trouble.  The light was changing very fast so that every time I looked up there was a different picture.  Then I made a mess and dumped my first attempt:

20090719pipe1-DNow that I look at it I think it was going somewhere but I decided to tape a fresh page and start again.

I got this far:


Then a friend of mine came up to chat.  And she told me an interesting story.  She had been on the farm Driehoek (Drie is three and hoek is a corner = triangle) which is just down the valley from where I had spent my first night in the Cedarberg.   And she told me that Cape Nature Conservation had caught a leopard that had caught some turkeys and a goat, and had released it in the Welbedacht ravine on the afternoon before I arrived.   Interesting how the connections happen hey?  Anyway – as a result I did not finish the second painting although it was just getting interesting.


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