saterday afternoon watercolour at the pipe

This afternoon I took Calvin down for a surf but I was not feeling well so I sat and prepared for leading the service tomorrow morning at our church and then I did this watercolour of the mountains on False Bay.  That is Rooiels at the end and Hangklip just behind it.


I would like to develop a technique for doing justice to the plants in the foreground.  I have just been to a demo by Penny Steynor, a local artist.  She had set up a still life that looked complicated to me but she sat and worked methodically through each component, her brush performing a ballet across the page, sometimes feinting then carefully positioning each stroke with finality and confidence.  It was a real treat.  Something to emulate.  I wonder if she has a blog?

I couldnt find one but you can see some of her work on her Penny Steynor page at SA Online – these locals have to catch a wake-up call.


7 thoughts on “saterday afternoon watercolour at the pipe

  1. Hi Stephen. I think you have developed the foreground more in this one with the stumps sticking up out of the sand. The foliage that you dotted in to the right of that is very convincing. I like Penny Steynor’s work you shared. Thank-you for that. Nice painting!

    • Hi Leslie – thanks hey – yep she is a tip-top watercolourist – I would like to take some tuition from someone really good soon. When we are ready for it, training can launch a step in growth. I have this feeling that my pipe paintings are more of the same. Or maybe I am just feeling negative – I need to take them all out and look at them. I am not feeling so good which doesn’t help. I would like to work out a way to show the patterns in the leaves in the foreground – they look to me like a patch of blobs. But thanks for your supportive comments Leslie – I don’t want to be ungracious.

      The good news is that a friend is keen to buy two of my Cedarberg paintings, that I still need to put up here. I am busy doing a studio version of the painting I put up last night. And take it from there.

      Nice to see you here


      • Hey. You aren’t ungracious. I like to comment on the positive rather than the negative. Besides, if “blobby” is what you are doing, take a look at Monet’s and Charles Reid and Judi Whitton. When you get to see a Seurat, in person, it’ll amaze you how he accomplished the images he did with blobs of color. I really like how you are approaching your growth. I’m struggling, too, at times. ……and I don’t even have a cold. Hope you feel better soon. Do we get to see some studio work?

      • Hi Leslie – Thanks hey – I would love to have a good look at Seurat’s work. One day. I have done one studio painting of the Welbedacht valley which I have put in my latest posting. There is more I want to do as I make the time.
        This is hard work isn’t it – I can see you are also working hard. But it is s such lovely work to do. I read a book about mastery and the guy spoke about plateaus and breakthroughs – plateaus are the hard work I suppose. S

      • I think I’m spending a lot more time with creating because I don’t get this much time in the winter. For me, it’s fun to try to figure things out. I pour through the books like you do to find techniques that I like and think I might try. I try very hard not to give myself too many rules. That is so hard when you have a lock-tight version of what you want to paint like in your head. I have to remind myself that this is my journey and my expression. That’s the hardest thing to learn to do.

  2. It’s never easy – but if you love it you’ll make progress. Leslie is so right (as usual) about the foliage being convincing – it very accurately suggests the mounds of fine sun-bleached sand that I’m sure you had between your toes.

    I can see from all the painting you’ve done since this post that you’re feeling better – good!

    • Hi June – what is it about this painting – I just want to do it all the time – yes and I think eventually I will break through. Thanks for the comments.
      And thanks, yes I am feeling better – I push vitamin C and I think that helps.

      Heh heh – it was cold so I was wearing my pink crocs.

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