watercolour of table mountain from the pipe

I also completed a larger format painting of the view I did on site.


The painting is 22 x 15 inches.  I am still not sure whether to put in the poles in the foreground – it is nice having the calm space I think.  I will sleep on it.


12 thoughts on “watercolour of table mountain from the pipe

  1. I agree with you about the space. I don’t know what the poles look like but strong verticals are something an artist really has to work with to pull it off. I’m sure you already know that. I had a hard time with that tree on my post titled Castle Gallery.

    • mmm – I think I will stick here. I remember the tree I think. You were fast and loose with the colours I think. Someone has made a rough pallisade of driftwood poles at the end of the pathway. I put them in some of the paintings I do sitting there but this wants to be quieter I think. There is a fence at the end of the beach which I also left out. The area on on the right of the painting, as the beach curves is a restricted area which used to be quite heavily guarded as it was a dynamite factory. This created a stretch of beach, possibly 10 km long which was a haven for bird life. Unfortunately it has been earmarked for a massive development so will be no more. There are oyster-catchers breeding there which are endangered. And sometime huge flock of terns sit on the beach. It is a little sad really.
      However – there are also excellent waves there. I have paddle through there on a ski.

      BTW – I have put a link from your comment to the Castle Gallery posting – that was a good one I thought.

  2. Wow. Explaining why you left the painting open space really got to me. Yes, for sure it needs to stay open space. At least you can leave that moment in time, on YOUR PAPER, for those birds.

  3. I vote for keeping it just as is.
    If you want to try one with the fence and the poles, then just start a new one. The sky is so perfect in this one with its broad curving sweep that it would be a shame to tinker with it. If it didn’t work out, you’d never forgive yourself.

    • Hi K – yeh – spot on – I could mess the whole thing up. There is a lot happening at that curve of the beach which would make a painting all on its own. Maybe soon I will go and sit up there and paint the fence and the dunes and stuff.
      Top of the morning to you – or is it good night – (o:

  4. Hello! I just wanted to tell you that you and your perspective through vegetation inspired the painting I have posted today. It’s the one on my artwork page titled, “when i come home”. It’s simple, but you made me think in a new way, and I wanted thank you for gifting me so!!!

    Much Bliss to You…

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