betty’s bay watercolour – back home

I took the page the rain cleaned off and repainted the watercolour, using my squirrel-hair mop – what a lekker brush.  The rain had washed off all the seizing which made the paper work slightly differently but not too badly.


When the rain cleared there are some beautiful rock cliffs on the mountain – but that will be for next time.


4 thoughts on “betty’s bay watercolour – back home

  1. Boy, you have a knack for these beautiful misty colours and looks. I tried yesterday but no matter what I did, mine distant rock ended up too bright ! My hat to you !
    What does a squirrel-hair mop looks like ??

    • Hey I thought you would not ask – I have done a painting to show my mop – I have had a look at your painting which I enjoyed. Maybe you could put a cooler wash over the rock – if you have not tried that. The main thing is being out there I always say to myself.

  2. Oh my Stephen – this is so different, it almost looks like Japanese brushwork, especially the two bits of vegetation in the foreground. To my inexperienced eye it looks as if you’ve hardly used any strokes and yet managed to convey so much movement and rainy skies. I’ll bet the air smelled wonderful sitting there.

    • mmm – I was painting backwards – doing darks first as I often do on site and left white spaces around the darks when I did the sand. It was really such a great morning out there. We have snow on the mountains round here now so it is considerably more chilly (for us anyway). Thanks for the comments June – S

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