another buffelsbaai watercolour

I started this painting one evening too late to finish.  I was going as fast as I could sitting on my little portable bench in the fading light.  I heard voices and two women out for a walk with their little dog came up to chat.  The little dog kicked sand in my palette but they were fun to chat with.  And off they went.

I did a little more till I realised I couldnt see the houses any more.

So I finished it off now.


I am trying to insert the painting so that you can enlarge it, following the tips Leslie left on June’s blog.   Lets check it out…

Whoosh!!!  there it goes – thanks hey Leslie.  Next time I will post at full size though.  Now it is just past 02:00 and I must hit the hay.


12 thoughts on “another buffelsbaai watercolour

  1. Yay! You did it! You can post full size but you really don’t need to. Notice that you have a magnifying tool once someone clicks. It enlarges the image enough that the viewer can scroll around the image looking at paint applications, brushstrokes and those lovely pencil lines that I love to see (the skeleton of the piece). Good job.

  2. A little dog kicked sand on your palette?????? I would have drop-kicked that dog right into the tide pool!

    OK, not really, but I’m not surprised it was a little dog. A big dog would have NEVER done that.

    I like this piece very much and it’s a great companion piece to your other one with the mosquito breeding ground.

    • heh heh – it was a Jack Russel I think – first it barked at me then ran all over my stuff – Jack Russels do this sort of thing – It was very friendly when I patted it.

  3. Glad the enlarging thingy worked for you – I couldn’t get it to work but will persevere. The brushes really make a difference and this is lekker! Posting at means you’re a blogging addict.

    • Hey…..I’m so techno ignorant it’s not funny…but I’ve realized if you just click the pictures on my site, they automatically enlarge. Is this true for everyone? Maybe I’m on some default thing I don’t know, but give it a try….it may already work on yours….

      • Hi Forrester – Leslie left a note on InkSplodge’s blog on how to turn this on and off – I was not set on mine but I have set it for the last few posts – it is a great idea for paintings.

    • This blogging is quite compelling. But I was actually painting. I am doing some figures but could only get working later as I also had some consulting work to finish and get off to a client in my other universe. It i s difficult for me to enroll in a figures class as I often just have to work on ‘work stuff’ so I am painting from photos. My last lot were a bit of a mess, (they are not finished yet) but I read some of Charles Reid’s ‘Natural Way to Paint’ on figures in watercolour over the weekend and will give them another try.

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