buffelsbaai campsite

Here is a watercolour I did of the low-water pool just below the campsite at Buffelsbaai.  Definitely a painting I would like to sit and do again.  What a beautiful town.


I was reading Charles Reid’s book on painting flowers on the way home.  He says when you have done a painting it is done, not to be fiddled with later.  Which I like.  He also talks about Craig Young palettes – which are just so cool.  I MUST have one.


10 thoughts on “buffelsbaai campsite

    • mmm thanks – what to do with all the rocks? I have books of paintings by John Blockley who has beautiful techniques for suggesting rock strewn slopes. I will look through these again. My current approach is to paint them all, which is not sustainable. The painting took just over an hour I think.
      It was so peaceful. There were small swells running in the sea about 20 metres away and the Kelp Gulls were calling to each other. A cormorant came swimming through the shallows hunting ‘klippies’, the little fish in the pond, before hopping out and over the rocks to another pond nearby.

  1. This is an awesome painting. I love the houses in the background and the rocks up front. Now I have a question. What is a “low water pool?” Sounds to me like a mosquito breeding ground filled with mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus. I hate mosquitoes. If there is one within a 50 mile radius it will hunt me down and bite me. and bite me. and bite me.
    Oh, sorry, I meant to say your low water pool is beautiful against the rocks and I like how it reflects the sky.

    • Hi CK – i am sure there is a more correct name for this sort of thing – ding! ah yes – a tidal pool. At high tide these rocks are covered with water or at least the waves wash over them but as the tide was low I could sit there.

      I have a mosquito who lives under my work table and now and again bites my foot which is really annoying. Once I sprayed under there with bug spray but it killed all the little spiders and things that hang around. No man – its a jungle in here. One day I saw to kills on my table. One was a wolf-spider catching a fly and soon after another tiny little spider dashed out and zapped an ant who was trotting across the work surface. The spider did this little dance around the ant until it succumbed.

      I am procrastinating and writing an email to Craig Young about a palette I want to order.

      Time to paint.

  2. I like the contrast between nature and the houses too – and the way it layers: sky, houses, rocks, water, pebbles.

    I only have a tiny travel box – hoping to get a bigger one when I finally make it up to London. Those Craig Young pallets are pricey but you’re obviously making a fortune with your paintings.

    • heh heh – not yet – but I need to get into some marketing – other artists have set up on Etsy which seems to work for them. I would have to set up an arrangement with the bank. One of the women in the local art group has a website for selling art that I may try as well. They are expensive hey? But so lekker! I had a bit of mission with my escapade in the rain today and would like to get organised (ha ha ha) I have been saying that for the last few decades. But a craig young palette would be a start. I have an email from him and just need to say “yes” and I go on the (six month) waiting list.

  3. This little painting is a corker! Wow!
    There’s a neat reversal of perspective here with the most important figuration being the houses at the top and then the rocks and the tidal pools sitting calmly underneath them. There are three areas of interest and not one of them fights with another. It’s in perfect balance.
    Love those roofs!…..

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