a watercolour painting of someone in a shopping centre

Hi everyone – it was great to read your feedback.  Thanks for dropping by and leaving notes.  I am hoping after tomorrow I can catch up with notes and what you have been doing.  We returned an hour ago and my focus is to do final preparation for a consulting job tomorrow and then get some into bed for some rest for an early start.


I could not resist putting in this watercolour I did of someone in the shopping center in Knysna.  OK – and I know it is a bit of a cheat because he stood  like a statue most of the time.  When anyone put money in his box he did this dance and then took up his statue pose again.  Yep –  a mime artist.  I had a short time to wait for the rest of the family so I sat down and took out my watercolour kit with the mangy horse-hair brush and all.  And this is what I did:


He was wearing sunglasses and had painted his face white.   Yep I am pleased with this one.  While I was away I read Herr Reid on painting flowers.  I was interested to see what kit he uses and he says every artist should have a mini-kit with a portable brush (he describes the one K talks about).  And he says we should leave the camera at home.  For the first time I had the feeling that this may be the way to go.  But I am getting into what I want to say later.  Now I must focus on other stuff.  heh heh

There is other work but I want to catch up first.



10 thoughts on “a watercolour painting of someone in a shopping centre

  1. Great image. But as a mime, what the hell was he supposed to be? In Battery Park we get these sort of characters that dress up like the statue of liberty and stand very still until one puts money in the box in front of them. They are bizarre and strange, but the tourists seem to get a kick out of them.
    Hope you had a good vacation with your family. Now treat yourself to a new brush. You deserve it! (:

    • Yes these guys bring something slightly bizarre to an otherwise boring shopping day. That brush – I am looking out for it. Vacation was short but that is how it plays sometimes – today went well although I got home and slept for an hour.

  2. What fun way to spend a few moments. I would think you would be getting as much attention as the mime. Quite a nice painting out of a ratty brush.

    • Funny I thought I would attract more attention than I did. But nobody seemed the slightest bit interested which was a good thing. Some clueless Brit with a camcorder stood in front of me saying to the guy “come on – I am filming – do something” – and every time he stopped in a different pose I put more money in to try to get him to assume the original position. Thanks – the painting worked OK hey?

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