buffelsbaai skuldbuld

Buffelsbaai is a little settlement just west of Knysna on the Southern Cape coast.  It is in the middle of a nature reserve so has not been over-developed.  Yesterday I had a chance to sit on the beach dunes to paint a watercolour of the town.  A ‘buffel’ is a buffalo and a ‘baai’  is a bay.  So this is  Buffalo Bay and a ‘skuld’ is debt and a ‘bult’ is a ridge (pronounced skiltbilt).  There were beautiful ocean swells rolling in to the beach.

I had time to take photos as I worked to record the progress of the watercolour.  It was a lot of fun.  Here is how the painting progressed.  Here is the initial sketch and first wash:


I wanted to leave some of the houses on the skyline white but got carried away with the sky- wash.  The grass shapes on the left are the dune grasses, or shadows of.

Here I worked on the beach.   There were so many shades in the sand.  I took my time to build up the colours.


And here I worked on the town.  There were so many different colours and shapes and because I was working on a larger sheet than usual I was able to capture quite a lot of detail.


Here is the detail of the town


And here is the sea.


Here I put in some of the vegetation.  Again there was a lot of detail which I wanted to suggest rather than record.  I was also running out of time so did some work with my one inch flat.


And that was that – I am quite pleased with this painting.  I painted on a half sheet of Arches 300g cold press.  I am not sure of the size but will put it in later.


10 thoughts on “buffelsbaai skuldbuld

  1. I love this post – with the explanations of the Afrikaans words and the step-by-step. The shadows thrown on to the painting by the grass work well too, funnily enough.

    No wonder you’re pleased with this, it’s lovely. I was particularly interested in your sky wash and water and live in hope that I will be able to achieve something like that one day.

    • Hey June – thanks for the comments- it was fun doing this posting. And it was a great sitting painting on the beach. I have no doubt you will be doing this and better when I see what your work. Wouldn’t it be great to do something extraordinary in watercolour?

  2. This was fantastic to watch as you built up the washes and added more and more detail Like June, I hope someday to be able to achieve something like the above watercolor. And thanks too for the translations. I love the way you added in the town.

  3. Excellent composition, Stephen, and I love the colors of the water. Everything leads my eye around the bend to the city. I’m guessing this would be a 15 x 22 if it’s a half sheet? Absolutely lovely or is that lekker?

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