Helderberg farm

Well I had another morning with clients and then took a route home past the place where I painted last night.  I sat and did this painting.


I really must get myself a better brush – I stopped at ‘The Deckle Edge’ and priced sable brushes – they are hectically expensive.  And I would have to cut off the handle.  mmm.  Anyway my little horse hair japanese brush is loosing so much hair now.

I had another hour before I had to leave so I drove up the road into the painting and went to Helderberg farm.  I bought some carrot cake at the coffee shop and then sat at that grey field in the middle ground (which is a strawberry field – they grow in black plastic) and did a watercolour of this view.

All of a sudden (how does this happen?) I had no more time and had to rush the foreground which is a big field of cabbages.


I have just watched “The Terminator” where Arnie comes back as the nice robot.  And I always think of his classic “I’ll be back”.  Heh heh.


16 thoughts on “Helderberg farm

    • Hi Leslie – thanks hey – there is a LOT of detail in that valley – to be honest towards the end of the painting I began to feel bored??? What could that be about? Maybe I am just tired – it has been a very stressful month. I feel a bit like I am slapping on paint – but am not too unhappy with this – I needed to loosen up my style.

  1. Apparently a sable brush should last forever if cared for properly. It doesn’t show that you were bored with the valley. I suppose you could have left it unfinished for another day?

    It’s so hot and humid here today that I initially assumed the cabbage field was water…wishful thinking. Now I’m off to get me some carrot cake and strawberries.

    • Hi June – I have found a travel brush I would like – I will stick on my wish list. Sable brushes really are nice to use. mmmm – now I feel like some cake again (o:

  2. Boredom? If it is not related to your job, maybe you need to shake it up. I saw some of the pieces on the beginning of your blog and also that one of water and rocks. I liked them! Loose?Tight? I hear this so much….Paint from your soul like you surf. I’ve seen great tight stuff and great loose stuff. I think you want a new brush, more time and NO rules.

  3. There is a LOT going on in that first scene… and you handled it well, not repeating shapes or colors, keeping loose, and wonderfully watery! I love it !
    YES, go get a brush ! And do make us a painting of the new brush so we see what you use; 🙂

  4. Why would you cut the handle off of a new brush? Too long for your water colour box? You can get good travel brushes made by W&N where the handle can be taken off and turned around to protect the brush. They are meant especially for the painting boxes.
    There are some sabeline brushes made of synthetic materials and I find them as good as the sable ones – and much less expensive.
    Some brand names that I use are Royal, Royal Taklon, Futura and Opus, but I think the Opus is only sold in Canada.
    What size and what shape do you like to work with?
    My preference is for round pointed ones, but I sometimes like to use a large wide flat one.
    You could also get one of those plastic tubes that protects brushes and then you could carry regular length ones without damaging them while travelling.
    Just keep the paintings coming though.

    • Hi K – Thanks for the ideas. I am thinking of the best way to do this. Actually I think I should get a good fold up pallette box and compile a system around that. I carry my brushes in a sushi-roller which protects them well. My cheepie horse-hair brush has a plastic holder. I also like using the best brushes I can afford. So I am keen to use my studio brushes. My little kit is so dinky that I have wanted to carry a brush that fits. I wont rush the whole thing though.

  5. OMG! I don’t check in for five minutes and you have tons of new stuff. These paintings are beautiful. I was showing them to my sister who wants to know if you sell them or ever put them on ebay.

    Love these two paintings. They are loose and free and airy and beautiful. I want to visit that farm now.

    Today is the 4th of July, a holiday for us. Yay! I needed a holiday. (and a nap)

    • Oh yes – 4th of July – do you say congratulations? I hope you had a good day apart from the flats and the dog barf. Thanks for the comments. It has been frantically busy so I have slacked a bit on chats here. I am in Knysna at the moment – on holiday with the family. We had to leave a day later because of my work and I agreed to do a workshop for a client this week so have to cut our visit by another day. mmmm! But it is good to be busy.

  6. Golly Moses!

    So here I am after having been able to scroll down your entire page and spend time looking, absorbing, reading. I’m blown away. Truly, truly beautiful is your work! Ah…..I love your colours. I can feel the places and the weather. Also…I am particularly fond of the paintings where you have the vegetation in the foreground….I’ve never seen that before. Made me feel like I was there, looking through with you.

    Thanks So Much!

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