tonight at the pipe

Tonight while my boys were surfing I sat at the path down to the pipe and painted this watercolour of the mountains across the bay.  There was no rush and I began my painting while the light was still stable.  I was finished before the mountains turned orange, then blue and then sank into the haze.



9 thoughts on “tonight at the pipe

    • hey – you are on the ball – thanks hey – mmmm – there’s a thought – lots of beach – it is time for a walk in the mountains.
      Before you sign up for lessons I will put you in touch with my previous SQ Watercolour School graduates – heh heh.
      But I really think this was one of the better paintings.

  1. I like the more finished look of this beach scene. This painting makes me want to be there. I like the touches of burnt sienna or reds in the greens on the left bank. The transition of blues to greens as the waves roll over the sand are so believable. Really nice composition and depth created. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Leslie – thanks for the feedback – It was fun sitting with the time and good weather. I am just beginning to understand the balance between being too fussy with details and putting in enough convey a story. I realised that the bushes were very grrreen after I had started to paint. Actually (ding!) that would have been a good opportunity to do what you do in your paintings (I think) when you decide not surrender to the austere dictates of reality. Something to try next time I do this scene. A nice Saturday morning reflection. Cheers – S

  2. I like to combination the colours, esp the sky and mountain. Your painting makes me wanna try using water colour too.

  3. Your paintings are sublime – a real inspiration. I can see that I’ll be lingering over here a lot.

    Really interested to read your background as I was born in Africa (Zambia), educated in Zimbabwe and holidayed in Durban as my grandparents lived there. Came to England at 18 and miss Africa >strong>SO very much…sigh!

    Thank you for your generous comment on my new blog. 🙂

    • Hi June – welcome here, anytime – thanks for the note – leaving here would be a real wrench for me I think – I look forward to seeing your work progress – Stephen

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