songs for the road

Here is a sketch I did in church this morning of the couple sitting in front of me.  I was listening to Gavin talk through Psalm 13.  Old David really battled with aflicition and depression.  What a guy!


I captured the chap OK but his wife was moving around quite a bit so it was a bit more difficult – and I jotted down more notes than usual.  I would love to be able to have my paint set out.  I will find other opportunities to do this.  I read a blog a while ago of someone who paints people in coffee shops.  Eeek – that is a bit scary.  But the time is coming for this.


9 thoughts on “songs for the road

    • Thanks – I love drawing when I am not under the pressure of scrutiny, or when I have the fortitude to tune it out. And yes – songs for the road – the psalms provide us with great reflective material for when the journey is easy, when the journey is tough and when we look back on tough times. Whoever wrote psalm 88 knew the dark night of the soul.

  1. I like seeing your drawings and don’t feel like I need color when seeing this aspect of your art. You have done a great job with watercolor on previous posts with people as the subject. One thing I do like to do is enlarge some good drawings that I get and try to paint from memory or make something new of them. I trace the drawing on tracing paper and then use graphite saral paper to transfer to watercolor paper and I’m off exploring. Thank-you for sharing your drawings.

    • Hey that’s a great idea. It will also change the way I look at people as a I draw. Thanks for the idea and the feedback on my drawings. Last week a group of people sat in front of me in the departure hall at an airport. Two of them, an older guy and a young woman sat in front of me having an animated conversation. They were very beautiful. He had white hair and a hooked nose and he wore a leather cowboy hat and she had a straight pointy nose. He used his hands as he spoke and she just focussed on every word. I thought he was Northern Italian but the odd phrase I picked up sounded British. I was busy posting my PE painting and when I picked up a sketch book they all got up to board. I want to explore that scene in the way you suggest. They were magnificent. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Very nice beach painting and I admire a man who draws in church. Nice sketches. You might sit in those angled pews so you can get some front drawings next Sunday.

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