Port Elizabeth

Today when we had finished our workshop in Port Elizabeth I shot down the the beach to paint a quick watercolour.  It was lovely and fresh and some of the locals were enjoying the surf.   This is really such a beautiful city.  Here is the painting:



5 thoughts on “Port Elizabeth

  1. Hey, Bill stole my comment. Well, not the part about the sunblock. I didn’t think about that. But about the fact that the painting is lovely and you are at the beach a lot. Hmmm. I find it frightening that Bill and I thought the same thing. But the painting is still lovely.

  2. Hi Bill Hi Carol – I love it at the beach – I suppose that comes from growing up inland. Now I have a son of 17 who wants to surf at any time in any weather. And he is a real walrus and will spend hours in the water. So I have an excuse to sit sometimes and paint. Sunblock is a real issue – I have to admit that I am not as consistent about it as I should be. You two are very funny – I enjoy your comments on each other’s blogs and it is good having you here.

  3. I can almost taste this one…makes me want to dive in. Sometimes the quick ones have more impact as they’re looser and provide a ‘feeling’ of the landscape.

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