strand beach watercolour

Tonight after a surf I sat on the pavement and did these two watercolours of the beach at strand.  The sun was setting through a bank of clouds creating beautiful colours.  I have been in up-country in Gauteng this week for my other life and it is just so good to be back at the ocean.  This is the first painting:


That is Devils Peak and Table Mountain on the horizon.  In the cold evening the paint just did not dry.

Then I did a painting looking up the beach in the other direction.  The colours in the mountains changed all the time.  


I wanted to put more detail on the left of the painting but again – the paper just did not dry.  Half way through this watercolour I saw a couple taking photos of each other and I offered to take one of both of them.  Then I asked if they wanted to be in a painting.  They were OK with that so I took some photos which I will paint as soon as I get a chance.  So…

Watch this space…

I have just noticed that I did not even try to paint people here, even though they were walking up and down the beach all the time.  I all peopled out this week…


6 thoughts on “strand beach watercolour

    • thanks K – I am pleased with this. I was emotionally and intellectually numb so it was so good to sit in the cold and let the colours do what they would.

  1. 2 more beautiful paintings. I think the serenety and quiet you needed after a long week of work translated well to these two paintings. I feel more relaxed just looking at them.

    • Hi Carol – thanks hey – You used four calm words in your note. I am doing final prep for another big session starting tomorrow so I appreciate this. Have a great Tuesday in NYC – S

  2. The colors on the upper one are so soothing and harmonious. You have a way with delicacy. thanks for sharing this calm centering piece.

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