sketches in church

I am afraid I cannot resist the opportunity when people sit still for longer than a few minutes.  This morning I did this sketch of the couple sitting in front of me in church.   I would love to haul out my watercolour sketch kit but that would be too disruptive.  Actually, maybe not – NO – desist!!!  (o:


here are some of the sketches I have done in the past.  This is Peter Makapela preaching:


and here is someone else:


and others:


here is a sketch I did of my son Calvin looking wild and wooly:


And here is a chap who sat in front of me the other day:


And finally, another sketch looking down from the gallery at the people sitting below:


20 thoughts on “sketches in church

  1. Hi Stephen. This is something special you are sharing with us. With your notes on the side! Wish my church notebook looked like this. Cecily

    ps. my comments seem to never reach you. If you deleted them I will accept it. : ) Was just wondering if something is wrong on my side.

    • Horrors – there were piles of comments in my spam list – so thanks for this alert –

      Hey Cecily – nice to see you here – I will go through the comments over the next couple of days – I have to snuz now. Cheers hey – sorry about the spamming thing – It is so good to hear from you on my page – S

  2. HOLY SCHIZZLE, these are great! I love all your sketches. You’re really good at capturing the likenesses of the people in church. They all look appropriately holy. And I love the fact that you did them IN church. Did anyone notice? I didn’t think so. Wish I could also read all your notes and scribbles along the edges of the drawings. What a great post. And a fun surprise.

    • Hi CK – thanks hey – sometimes people notice me drawing but they don’t seem to mind. I don’t want to distract people so I try to draw quietly. The sketching also helps me listen to the preaching and I write notes on the key points I hear. Most of the time I can read my notes – but not always. heh heh this is sometimes embarrassing in workshops when I have to read back what I write on flip charts. Perhaps I should practice my calligraphy – but who has time for that – there are watercolours to be painted – (o:

  3. Hi Stephen, this is something special you are sharing. I also wanted to read your notes. (could’nt) sure there must be some true wisdom there. And the sketches are amazing.

    ps. I left many comments that you did’nt get, my comments seem to disappear in cyberspace. So I am trying now not logged in as butterflyhands.

  4. I noticed that you do your smiley faces backwards. Here we would do it like this: :0) You do it the other way around. Perhaps it’s because you live in the southern hemisphere? Your seasons are backwards from ours too. Hmmmmm, very interesting.

    • sometimes when I do it that way WordPress or other packages substitute an animated emoticon like this :o) – (watch it not happen this time) and I prefer the one I do.

  5. Hey this may get me to go to church. Do you sing the hymns too?
    It would be annoying as the model bobbed up and down at the preachers request. Just yell, “Hey, you in the blue dress, sit down and be still. No, move your head a bit to the right. Ok, now down a little and hold your gaze just so.”

    • heh heh – howzit Bill – fortunately, so far anyway, I have not had this urge. Our pastor Gavin preaches for half an hour or more so there is enough time, usually. Some people really fidget a lot though so sometimes I keep two or three perspectives going at a time. Really, some people are so inconsiderate…

  6. the pastor preaches for a half hour or MORE? Now I remember why I don’t go to church.
    OMG! They would have to carry me out of there in a stretcher because I’m sure I would have lapsed into a boredom induced coma.

    I would be VERY fidgety if I lasted through a sermon.

    • That’s about the length of the average sitcom. I am absorbed by an understanding of God’s plan and how it has been unfolding throughout history. And I am thrilled by the love of a saviour who willingly suffers shame, scorn, torture and a lingering death, cut off for the first time ever from an eternal love. And he does all that for me. So, I draw because I love to draw and I listen and make notes. In the week, when my stomach is in knots before a tough session, I reflect this love and my notes. Therefore this half hour or more on a Sunday morning (and evening) feels too short for me.

  7. The sketches are very lively. You capture the personality of your subjects! Nice work. You really have to improve the handwriting if you expect us to get the notes on the Sermon!

    • What am I to do about the handwriting? Not a workshop goes by without a comment. And there are times when I can’t read it myself. I hadn’t thought about anyone reading the notes when I put up the drawings. I love those line drawings Picasso did of people. Just a single line, immaculately executed to describe the volume of a head and a body. Exquisite! I would love to be able to do this. To me, these sketches are exciting milestones on this journey. S

  8. I’m always sorry when I can’t quote things properly,but I believe it was Robert Browning who said, in answer to a question about what his poem meant:
    “At one time, only God and I knew what that meant. Now, only God knows.”
    It sounds like you’ve confided some of your written notes to only God, also.

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