noordhoek watercolours

Here are three watercolours of the beach at Noordhoek, looking across to Kommetjie.  I have spent the last three days on a workshop at Monkey Valley which is a great place to work with a group.  A few of us stayed in rooms way up the hill overlooking the beach.   I had to focus on the work but when it was over I sat on the deck and did these three paintings.  The weather changed from sunny to stormy over the last couple of days and everynow and again the rain came pouring down.  The beach changes continuously.  It would be great to spend a whole day sitting doing watercolours of the same scene.  I would have taken some photos but my camera batteries were pap.  Anyway – the priviledge of painting is that I get to really see what is there.  There are such beautiful patterns in the sand on the beach.  Here is the first:


Halfway through the painting the wind blew the paper of my board and it landed upside-down in a puddle.  Some of the paint washed off and it was all to wet to rectify so I just completed what I wanted to do and stuck it to the floor next to me.  

The second watercolour is of the same scene:


Towards the end of the painting, the wind blew some rain, making some blotches on the paper, which is always quite fun.

The last watercolour is the scene looking up the valley towards Fishhook.  That is Elsies Peak in the distance where I once spent a night to get over my fear of the dark (long ago).   The bushes were reflected on the wet deck.


On the way home I stopped off in Muizenberg for a surf.  I wasn’t going to because I was feeling exhausted after the session.  But the sea looked so inviting.  Sitting waiting for the waves I looked at Elsies peak.  That view would be really beautiful, especially with the mountains above St James and Kalk Bay.  One calm day I am definitely going to try sitting on a board to do a painting.  Next summer maybe.  Right now we are preparing ourselves in Cape Town for a massive storm.  The weather chart made the front page of the news.


8 thoughts on “noordhoek watercolours

  1. I think your on the right track with your views. I’ve found though that it’s difficult at best with our weather in the North of Europe. I’m a neighbor living in Aurich,Ostfriesland,Germany.
    It’s hard for me to get around to the coast because my only transport is a bicycle and by the time I get where I want to paint the weather is in the eimer or it’s already time to turn around and go home.
    Then again I’ve been here nine years and still can’t get used to the flat landscapes. I’m born and raised in the Rocky mountain states of the USA. My pour offering of paintings are here too!!

  2. YAY! New watercolors! They look great. The Beach looks very inviting even when stormy. Love the way you render the water, sand and foliage. One of these days, I may get the hang of watercolor.

    • thanks hey – it was fun doing these – I even felt a bit like I was letting go of the need to control. I love your latest completion.

    • Hi Rick – good to see you here – as I painted I wondered about how Noordhoek got its name – ‘Noord’of where and which corner? Is there a Noordhoek up there? I wonder if anyone can get used to working in the flat after growing up in the mountains – I would think not. I worked in the Freestate here after living down here in the Cape and I longed for some high ground. And some vegetation other than miles and miles of drying mealies. My mate Terry said they looked like dead people waiting to be carried away.

      Can you leave the URL for your paintings – I would love to see them. Cheers hey


  3. No problem And my wife is a native Ostfriesian! That is the North Western region of Germany the Germans insist on calling niedersachsen, but the locals call back to historic name of the freestat Ostfriesland. Anyway she says the is a Noordhoek in Holland or the Niederland which ever you prefer.
    It’s all a bit greek to me I an expat American after all nobody pays attention to us.
    I’m also at

    Ciao for now Rick

  4. hi Stephen. Nice to see you had time to paint again. Not the best weather to be on that side of the Cape. We often go there because my sister lives in Simonstown. I can regocnize the mountains on your painting. The bushes and reflections in your painting are great. Cecily

    • Hi C – yes it is a stormy place – I was amazed how calm it was other side the peninsula. Nice and wild hey – it was so good to sit and paint and alas – it will be more than a week before I get another go. I see you have also been working – S

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