We spent the morning at a winefarm near Stellenbosch where I did these three watercolours.  The first painting is of some of the people sitting around the picnic.  Heh heh – if they are looking a bit stiff, it is because I wouldn’t let them get up till I had finished ‘them’ in the painting.  The mountain in the background is Drakenstein which means ‘Dragon rock’ one day I want to sit and paint this mountain, which looks just like the spine of a dragon.


The second watercolour is of Nicole, the daughter of the friends I painted at the first adventure race.  


I think my people paintings are coming along.

After I had finished the second painting my friends started telling stories.  One lady grew up in Kakamas in the Northern Cape and went back to teach there after her training.  She told hilarious stories about life in a small town community.  While they were chatting I sat and painted this watercolour of the mountain and the vineyards on the hillside.  I wanted to capture the Autumn colours in the vineyards as the vines are turning.


I was pleased with this painting even though the reflections in the dam in the foreground could be improved.  I loved sitting and capturing the colours in the hillside with the row of trees cutting down from the skyline.  

A lovely afternoon.  The grass in the foreground really is grass.  I took a photo of each watercolour and gave them to my friends.


9 thoughts on “DelVera

  1. Sounds like you had fun! You have such an easy and gentle way of painting. I love how you did the water. I overdo until I kill whatever it is I’m painting. Oh well, I’ll just keep coming back to your site to see how it should be done.

  2. Hi K – yes it was very laid back – I am also becoming more comfortable with taking out my painting kit in company. Last week I wanted to paint someone sitting in a coffee shop – eeek – but then my meeting arrived.

    Hi Carol – thanks hey – yes actually the water is OK isn’t it? mmm – that is so sweet of you. You know for the last painting I just felt in ‘the zone’ – the painting almost painted itself – how is your cake looking? I am coming to look (ready or not)… S

  3. Hi Stephen. I think your people paintings has allways been good!! I must also get passed the thing of drawing in public. Feel to me the people will think I want to ‘show off’, as my chilren would say.
    enjoy the long weekend. Cecily

  4. I love the spontaneity of these and the freshness of your style;
    It does seem very peaceful;
    Cake ?? what cake ??

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