the pipe in winter

Well, winter is here – the sea temperature is freezing and the winter waves are rolling in.  I have a rip in my wetsuit so after some great waves last night I was frozen to the core.  So i sat on the dune at the path and did a watercolour of the mountains to the east of False Bay.  This was the same scene I did the last time except we have had our first winter rain following a howling South East wind.  The South Easter threw up some sand dunes on the beach and the rain painted them in different shades of green and brown.  It was early evening as I sat and the sun was sinking below a bank of cloud over the Western hills.  So the scene was full of colour.  The painting started well but the first washes would not dry so when I went back to put in detail the colour just ran.  This is where Charles Reid’s watercolour technique would have been better.  Anyway the resulting painting is quite fun and captures the mood.  The mountains at Rooiels, down the coast, were showing but when I tried to put them in the watercolour just ran down into the sea.  


I want to do a studio version of this painting.  There is a light but consistent rain falling and I want to spend time painting today  – after I have bought myself a new wetsuit, and if I can, a copy of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.


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