pipe – in my studio

Here is the start of my watercolour for today.  Check the damp patch on the right – as I write there is a big crawler going up the page – mmm – too bad.  I could have avoided this but watercolour will have their way!


OK – now I MUST go to the surfshop in the mall (the mall on Saturday – oh rapture oh joy)


Since the last version I have done battle with the monster in the mall (but did not get a wetsuit) and went with the family to look in at the local long-board competion at the pipe.  It was raining gently but the waves were really great.  Then Mikhail asked me if I wanted to put a late entry in the father and son tag event.  It sounded like fun and it would be a way to have surf.  Calvin went in first and did OK though he is not used to a long-board then I went in and had a few great waves even though I could not nose-ride or do other tricks.  So there.  

I found ‘The Rite of Spring’ at the mall (not in the shop where they asked me “how do you spell Stravinsky?”) and a CD of Joshua Bell playing Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in E minor.  So the painting is progressing under two vastly different influences.  Here it is so far – as it dries a little:


As I have been painting I have noticed how the turquoise sea reacts with the orange mountains – there is a real buzz there that I would like to capture.  I have just added Cobalt Turquoise to my pallette.

So this is how it looks now:


I don’t know – it seems there were lots of fiddly bits – eventually I did the last washes with a big brush – I think I am working too big – the sheet is 38x57mm.

4 thoughts on “pipe – in my studio

    • Hey howzit Claudia – yeh that Stravinsky is wild medicine – I have to admit I am still tuning in my tastebuds. thanks for the introduction – Stephen

    • Hi CK – how are you doing? Nice to hear from you – I was wondering… thanks for the comments – I must say, I think I got a bit bored with this painting – I have it up in my studio and am ???? about it still.
      Cheers hey S

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