looking the other way from the pipe

this afternoon i took the boys down for a surf.  the waves were great but the water was so full of (bad-mannered) surfers that i left in mild disgust.  i sat at the path to the pipe and started a painting of the usual scene.  then i looked over the dune and decided to paint the view up the coast of the bay.  the south-easter usually makes this really difficult.  so here we go:



as i sat with the second painting i kept in mind the suggestion K has made to saturate more.


4 thoughts on “looking the other way from the pipe

  1. Hi Stephen, The is looking good, especially the foliage in the foreground. Now for some questions: What is the Pipe. How is one a bad-mannered surfer? Is a south-easter wind or a storm? Funny, we have nor’easters (north easters) but they are storms.

  2. Hi Carol
    thanks hey – I was quite pleased with this.
    “The Pipe” is the local break where we surf – not the greatest wave in the world but it is fun when it works. It is quite a small area and on a good day it gets busy. I suppose there were about 40 people in the water yesterday. It doesn’t sound like many but when they selfish it can get ugly – so bad manners – the rule is that the person on the inside has the wave and others pull out. But on bad days the guys just drop in on whoever is there. Not much fun. The way I work I can usually go down in the mid-morning if I am not with clients. Which is usually better.

    The South-easter is a wind that blows in summer in the Cape. On bad years it can blow for weeks which makes everyone ratty. On a strong day we have sand blowing along the beach which is not at all pleasant. It can reach storm strength too. Our big storms, that blow down trees and take off roofs, come from the North-West in Winter, when we get our most rain.

    The same type of weather system brings both winds.

    Cheers hey

  3. I like this one. It has a really nice feel about it. It looks hot out. I miss that, although I guess I could do with out a sand storm. I dunno, is a snow storm in April better?

  4. Hi Maria – It sounds like your heat is on its way – we are all digging in for winter here. Thanks for the comments about the painting – I love working out there.

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