race picture

this is as far as I have got for now – it is almost 01:00 and I should have been snoozing ages ago – I thought I would just start this painting but well…  that is how it goes 


This was supposed to be a watercolour about feet – but the feet didn’t go as well as I wanted.  Maybe I will crop this and start again – lets see what tomorrow holds.


4 thoughts on “race picture

  1. I like the cropping as you show it here. I like the way some of the figures just go right off the page (at the top). It gives a lazy, casual feel to it, like everyone is enjoying their day.
    The feet are very believable. Good going! I find feet really hard to do.

  2. Hi K – thanks hey – I will keep going on this idea – though I have started again because of the feet. I find I have to be rested, focussed and unhurried – for a start. I thought of a posting by Bill Jones about perseverance on big projects when I was doing this last night – but it is manageable as an idea. Good to see you here again.

  3. what are you talking about? the feet look great. It’s the heads I’m worried about. Seems like a few of your subjects have lost theirs. “Off with their heads”

    When I read that this was supposed to be a watercolor about feet I thought. Ew. But then I saw the feet were attached to the people. Whew!

    Nice job so far. You do figures so well. What do you work from?

    Can’t wait to see this either finished or started over.

  4. heh heh – I should have said this is a painting about air-heads – I am sitting with the update now and the kids have their heads on. The idea is to publish when it is done.

    I am painting this from a photo I took at the adventure race I did a while back.

    Herr Reid (Charlie) says that composition was invented by people who had nothing better to do with their time. I like that, so I have taken his lead and put in the people at the top of the painting as they are. That is what I liked about your landscape with the dude passing through in his sports car.

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