Ethan and Mia

I have not had a chance to complete my rocky beach scene yet, but here is a watercolour I exhibited with the Hockey painting last year.   They were about all I could produce in a hectic year (apart from an unfinished beach scene with kite surfers, which was still wet when I handed it in).  


Ethan was sick and sleeping in our bed and Mia, who is not usually allowed on the bed, was snoozing with him.

11 thoughts on “Ethan and Mia

  1. Oh my ! You are quite the master at this! Very nice!
    I am glad you let Mia on the bed, animals have amazing healing powers, and puppy company is just what a child need when not feeling well…

  2. Hi Stephen, This is so nice. I wanted to say sweet, but that would’nt sound very “artistic”. Cecily

  3. I love this painting. The subject matter is adorable and the rendering is phenomenal. And I let my dog sleep on the bed too.
    I love the way you handled the striped cover with the shadows. Not overdone, just perfect. And your son and doggie are both so sweet sleeping. Really nice. I’m jealous. I need to come visit and take some lessons from you!

  4. This is really lovely. The perspective is so cleverly set up; and the pattern just give such a special boost to the painting.
    I like the way those tawny brown patches walk up the page from the dog’s tail through Ethan’s feet and then up to his sleepy head. The corner of the table on the left hand side helps keep the eye circulating through the whole picture plane!
    Compositionally, this is so perfect. The other thing going on is that the dog is facing left and the child is headed right. It puts a tension in the image that is very dynamic.
    Add to that the way the blue lines of the blanket or sheet apparently go north, but there are so many east-west activities in the blue that, again, a very soft tension operates.
    And then the child and the dog are so naturally posed.
    You didn’t say, but it merited a prize!

  5. Hey Carol – thanks for the feedback. The striped cover was a lot of detail to capture but it worked hey? I had not noticed the detail though

    K, you also highlighted this in your feedback. This and your other comments on the composition are great for reflection. I painted what was there. By the way, I continue to be aware of saturation of my colours as I work – following that comment from you a while ago.

    So thanks to both of you for your supportive comments.

    The painting received an award but I don’t remember exactly what it was. The exhibition was held a month or so before the annual merit exhibition. Ironically I worked so hard for the first but could not get anything together for the second. And your comments on

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