Painting the sea

I love the coaching and facilitation work I do but sometimes the sessions wring every last bit of enthusiasm from my body and soul.  Then the world takes on a bleak aspect.  This morning I went down to the coast near Koeelbaai with my son Ethan and our dogs.  When we parked we were level with the top of a dense mist and we descended into the cloud.  As we walked the surrounding mountains appeared and faded again in the mist.  I found a beautiful bay where I sat and painted this watercolour.  I was a little distracted by the company.  Ethan was painting next to me and Sprocket the dog hurt his paw.  But it was just so good to be there with them.  At the start of the picture I could see about 500 metres up the coast but the mist evapourated in the sun and by the time I was finished it was a beautiful calm sunny day.   It feels a bit like what happened in my spirit.  So here is the painting:


When we walked up to the car the Ericas in the Fynbos had a heady smell of honey.


3 thoughts on “Painting the sea

  1. Hey Carol – thanks for question – Fynbos (pronounced fain bors with a short ‘or’) is the local assemblage of plant types consisting of Proteas (shrubs), Ericas (heather) and Restionaceae (reedy things they cut for thatch) – it is very rich and has a soft beguiling beauty. There are many species of Ericaea and someone told me which one smells like honey once but I forget. There are more plant species on top of Table Mountain on the Cape Penninsula than in the British Isles. I love sharing this with my children – though the older two tend to roll their eyes when I suggest an outing. (o:

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