Here is a painting I exhibited at our local watercolour group show last year.   


I painted this from a picture in our local newspaper because, with some juggling it made a great composition.  This is crying out for an alla prima approach though.  Maybe this weekend.


6 thoughts on “Hockey

  1. Wow! You sure got the proportions well – and what a dynamic composition. These are hard to do, alla prima. It’s a split second image.
    People sometimes get all bent out of shape when you use someone else’s photo as reference. As a learning tool, working from photo reference can be very helpful.
    I think there might be copyright issues though, if it ends up resembling the photographer’s work very closely. It’s a grey area for me, but there are hard-liners who believe that you should never show a painting that is adapted from another person’s photograph.
    In any case, as far as your technique goes, this is a real success. I like the darker tones and attention to detail.

  2. Ah yes – I felt uncomfortable putting this on here. I may leave it for a while and take it off – The lady in the yellow and green is a local to my town who plays for the South African Womens Hockey team. I saw in our local paper that she recently married a chap who plays for the South African Mens Hockey team so I thought of putting it on.

    thanks K for the positive feedback on the composition.


  3. You might think about getting in touch with the photographer and ask his or her permission to use the photograph as a reference photo for a watercolour using the composition which will be painted almost verbatim. If the person has given you written permission, I think then that you have the right to use it…. Maybe someone else reading this can advise on the niceties (or the legalities) of this.
    If you can contact by e-mail and the answer comes back by e-mail, it’s easy for both parties on this exchange.


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