Saturday morning

Yesterday was a rough day in my other world.  But there is nothing like a good night of rest and a quiet time on the beach to paint watercolours (even if the waves are really calling).  Here is what I have done:


This family group was standing watching the surfers and as I painted they slowly packed up and left.  


then I sat and painted this girl waiting for her friend who was surfing.   And then I did another one:


you can see how I struggled to get the posture and position of her head right.  She moved very slightly every minute or so.  When I had finished I gave her this painting. 

Then I went up to watch my son playing hockey.  As I waited for his match I did this watercolour painting of the one of the spectators and the ref.  


And that is that.  I am hoping to paint later today but we shall see.


4 thoughts on “Saturday morning

  1. Oh ! These are lovely! I especially like the second sited one; And I do not see any signs of struggling in it.

  2. Hi Isabelle – It just feels so good to share my work and get feedback from others on this watercolour journey. thanks for the comments.

  3. Hi K – I am finding it fun to capture people as they stay more or less in place but move around. It is a bit frustrating as I try to get my eye in but really it is such a special world – me and the paper – they are improving hey? Cheers S

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