Here are two paintings I did of my daugher Sinead who turned 15 yesterday.  The first is a painting from a photos and sketches I took to prepare for a drawing I did in our church.  While Gavin the minister preaches I sometimes illustrate the talk on big sheets of paper with big fat khoki pens.  Which is both nerve-wracking and exciting.  The first time I did it, my first lines were wavy because my hand was shaking so much.  

The first picture is of the woman from the story in Luke 7:38 Luke says she had “lived a sinful life”.  She wants to slip in and pour perfume on Jesus feet while he is having dinner at Simon the pharisee’s  house.  In his presence she is overcome with emotion and kneels at his feet crying, washing his feet with her tears and drying them with her hair.  Jesus was so loving.  He protects her from the indignant reproach of Simon with story.  Then he says to her “your sins are forgiven”.   I think it is such a beautiful story.  Here is the drawing:


I joined two flip-chart pages together for the sheet – so it is about 800x1200mm.  I had to correct the light a little to take out the folds in the paper.

And here is the picture which I entered in the local “miniatures” exhibition. 


When my friend Marilyn saw this picture on submission day, she said “this woman has a hell of a hangover” which I thought was hilarious.  

Here is the other picture I painted of Sinead at the same time, from a photo I took at Paternoster, up the West coast.  She was drawing in the sand with a stick.


Both of the watercolour paintings are 250x250mm on Arches Cold Pressed.  It is fun working at that size.  I bought a big maginfying glass but in the end I did not use it much.

In fact both of these pictures won awards, one of them came first which I also thought was quite cool.

4 thoughts on “Sinead

  1. I came back to comment on this post and there is that boat again. Now it is even better. I need to learn at some stage how you work so fine and precise in watercolours! These ones I liked too. Especially the middle one. I did a similar painting of a friend’s daughter writing her name with shells at Paternoster (but in oils!). Cecily

    • Hi Cecily – thanks hey – I am practicing a lot on the boat. Now that I have finished the one I did yesterday I am considering another one – ai tog! Part of it is perfectionism and part of it is that I now know the scene and wan work into the detail a little more.
      I have been reading Charles Reid. He uses these carefully designed swatches of colour to build up his paintings – it is a difficult technique but also just like anything – I think once I have it, it will be easier.

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