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Last night I transformed my office back into my studio and did some painting.  I really want to paint at least once a week.  Ai tog!  Here are three pictures I worked on.  The first is Aura my wife and her mother:


This was the first version I did in December.  


I also started a new painting.  I wanted to do an alla prima watercolour but alas I was too tentative.  The painting will require more washes to complete it.  Immediacy takes guts – there is a lesson in life.  For me at least.


This is one of the women who clean fish in Kalk Bay harbour.  The boats drop off fish which we can buy.  Then we take our fish across the harbour to these women who deftly gut and clean the fish.  That place is full of characters.  The last time I was there, one of the men was feeding the guts to the seals for the tourists to photograph.  He threw a handful into the water and the gulls swooped down and carried it off before the seal could get there.  “And here come the gangsters” he says – only he said “gengsters”  heh heh.

The painting will have to wait for the next transformation.  I still have a pot of water on my table but I will pour that on the milkwood I am nurturing at my door and that too must be packed away.  Time to find a telephone booth in which to change into Stephen – “consultant extraordinaire” – At least I am learning I don’t have to wear my underpants on the outside (why on earth would Superman do this?) – but that is a subject for my other blog.

31 January – note:  Interesting for me, I say immediacy takes guts and the painting shows a woman cutting the guts out of a dead fish.  Now what would Jung say about that?


2 thoughts on “the latest

  1. Stephen,
    These are lovely fresh watercolour drawings. I especially like the fish cleaning woman. But you have the light captured so beautifully in both of them.
    I’m amused by your comment on the underwear on the outside.
    And it was red, too! I just checked because my memory plays tricks on me from time to time, and I found this image which looks rather elongated – and bizarre. Thought you might like a look at it too:

    • Yes – Ai! Red jocks on the outside! I once heard a young guy being interviewed about the latest superheroes. When he was asked what he thought of Superman he said “He is a bit of a dork really” How the mighty have fallen. very funny.
      Thanks K, for your comments.
      Oh and I appreciate your comments about putting a painting aside for a while.
      I have had this experience with paintings I have put aside for months. In December I came across a painting I had started but had completely forgotten about. And I saw more potential. Good thought that.

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