sunbathing at Caves Beach

One of my watercolour projects during the holidays was a woman sunbathing at Caves Beach.  I have referred to the painting in another blog of mine where I talk about the process of learning.  But here is the final painting:


This is on Arches Cold Press 185gm and is 380×560 mm.

I have been following the work of Charles Reid and I worked so hard to get the colour and (more importantly) the value right in the first wash.  And this was almost right.  I also spent a day painting green swirls to try to get the water to work.  The water has a combination of foam, different shades of water-colour, the shadow of the foam on the sand below the water and reflections from the cliffs.  So it is very alive and beautiful.  It is difficult to do it justice without making it look over-worked.  Charles Reid also mixes his colours on the paper.  I did this in her legs where I laid a swatch of cadmium red and aureolin down on her upper thigh and then, with a new brush put in a swatch of cerulean blue mixed with manganese blue, with some cadmium red for her right leg.  the blue tint in the shadow is a happy accident that seems to reflect the colour of her towel.  Which I think is magic.

Here is the previous attempt:


This was OK but got messy.

The first one looked like this:


The figure is less succesful but the sea has lots of life.  I like the foam where it is hitting the beach.

I am moving my work to this new blog site from a previous site.  K gave me such a nice criticism that I will be copying and pasting it from the old site.  I am not keen move the whole lot in a blob.


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