kogelbaai – caves beach

Kogelbaai or Koeelbaai, we just say ‘Cool bay’ is one of my favourite beaches.  There is a small beach there, tucked away under the cliffs, that not many people knew about called ‘Caves Beach’.  There is a good wave there for surfing if you know what you are doing.  But the coast line is frequented by Great Whites so – I don’t know so much.  

Anyway it is really beautiful and Cape Nature Conservation are trying to keep it wild.  I like to go and paint there on Saturday morning before my family wakes up.  

Here are two the pictures I did sitting at the beach there:


This is a large rock with a cross on the top, in remembrance of someone who drowned there (which seems to be all too-regular an occurence).


And this is a picture painted from the other side of the cross rock from the painting above.   That is Cape Hangklip in the background.  (literally Hanging Rock).

Here is a picture I did in my studio, of the caves beach from a photo taken from the top of the path leading down to the beach.


That is Table Mountain in the distance, with Devil’s Peak on the right.


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