welcome visitor

I love painting in watercolour.  When I have time that is what I do.  And I want to start making part of my living from this.  I have started a blog to support my marketing effort in my other life.  And in December 2008 I thought it would be cool to put some of my work out there.  

I have tried a few different approaches to blogging my paintings – At first I had the same username as I use in my other life.  But it got messy because the same links appeared on all the blogs.  And I could only have one user address.  Setting up another user on WordPress took me some time to figure out and I went to another blog platform.  But I didnt like it there and now I am back, with a new user name, blog address and blog name.  And I think I am getting it figured out.

I am keen to sell my work and have set up a site on etsy, as I have seen other artists doing.  I have yet to register as a seller, as I need to understand more of the implications.  But I am keen to do that too.  I would like to sell prints and originals maybe.

In the meantime, I want to build up a history of posts and a log of my work.  On my previous blog I had a gallery, which was OK to get my work up quickly but I don’t think I will do this here (now that I understand blogs a little better).  Perhaps I will set up a website with my work.  

But now I have some serious pressure mounting from my other world.  Yep, a third life.  So I will post the work I have so far and get it out there.  I fully intend to be painting full on by the end of the year when this third rat is satiated and put to bed.  To mix a metaphor.  

So welcome to the start of this part of the journey.


4 thoughts on “welcome visitor

  1. Hi Your watercolours are very nice. I admire anyone who can do that. It is easy to add a bit of colour to a pen sketch, but to do all in watercolours! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am still new at blogging and feel so excited when a “not friend or family-member” visit my blog. cecily

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