Butterfly lady

The year has started in my other life so I have not been able to paint for over a week and the call is so strong.  Ai!  Anyway here is the project I had started which I have taken a step forward this morning.  I am listening to Robin Mark as I paint, beautiful Irish music of worship.


Why do I take on this sort of thing?  Each butterfly is a beautiful jewel in itself and I have to put in how many?  I can count 25!  So this project could take a while.  And I have already seen how I would like to do it differently.

OK here is the next stage – those butterflies have so much detail.


Well this is not an entymological study – but still the darks have a specific pattern and to get it all down with out back-runs is a bit of a mission.  I wonder when I will be able to get back to this.  I have my first workshop tomorrow.

And here is some detail – I want to use this exercise to do a slightly different picture.


And now, for my fair share of abuse (quote the stones), I am off to go and manage the parking at a the music concert at our local park.


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