Cross Rock

I took a whole bunch of wild teenage boys down to Kogelbaai this morning and while they were rushing around (no waves again).  It was a beautiful day.  False Bay is as flat as a mill pond.  The divers must be having brilliant visibility.  Here is the picture I painted:


I am quite pleased with this – it was very quick, I don’t know how long it took – time becomes irrelevant when I am in this world.  And I did not do much overpainting.


2 thoughts on “Cross Rock

  1. Hey Carol – yes I found it a bit difficult at first. Then I told myself that the fact that I am there sitting painting is more important than the success of the final product. And that was a liberation. And what I found a whole new appreciation for what I was painting by having to ‘see’ it right. It has been an exciting part of this painting journey.
    By the way: I was inspired by this website: – an artist who paints people in coffee shops. I am so keen to do this but have not plucked up this courage yet. I would hate to be seen as a pest.

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