sunbathing at Caves Beach

OK here is my final say on this subject (puh lease!!!)


Not a 20 minute picture but getting closer to the ideal of “no overpainting” .


5 thoughts on “sunbathing at Caves Beach

  1. It’s an interesting painting.Even though it has a band of ochre, the shoreline, running unimpeded through the middle which normally would make it difficult to keep the eye in the imagery; even though the painting is cut essentially in two equal parts, having the focal point of the sunbather high on the picture plane and the water swirl in the foreground creates the vertical tension as the eye flips between the two.
    The perspective that you have established with the water is beautifully achieved through tone going from saturated colour in the foreground to less so; and from large figures to small, in the mid plane. It it acts like an arrow towards the primary point of interest, the sunbather.
    I always find it fascinating when an artist breaks the traditional rules of composition and still manages to fascinate the eye through other devices in the visual arsenal.
    Nicely done.

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