sunbather project

Here is the latest sunbather painting.  I practiced the figure after reading the Charles Reid text again – this is not easy – then I drew an outline and started.


Not a bad start although I really wanted to be bolder in my values – she is a bit insipid.  And I wanted to go out of the figure and paint the surrounding rocks so that she did not look “pasted on” but that keeps turning into a mess – so here we are.  More will follow tomorrow.  I spent the afternoon at a mountain stream in Jonkershoek so and I want to start doing some river scenes.  But first it is time to snooze.

Since this note I have practiced the figure numerous times and have filled pages with green blobs, trying to get the water to work.  I then took the picture to this place:


The water at the edge of the shoreline really doesnt work so I scrubbed it out – and tried this approach.  Although I must say I like the glow in the rocks and the figure.  The other water and foam works OK I think.


The figure is OK though the towel draped over the rock doesnt work so well.  The rocks are also good but are in danger of being overworked now.  The orange shore line is a bit radical and the foam isnt bright white any more.  Ho hum – time for a redo.


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